Who we are

It's simple. At TimeKat, we believe technology should make it easier to accomplish your dreams, whatever they may be.

TimeKat was founded by designer Drew Lepp after searching for a simple application to track both tasks and time with her freelance team members.

TimeKat is made with love in Washington, DC.

More about what we believe:

Delight by design

We put in the extra work to ensure a delightful experience of your end-users, while surprising them -- as well as each other -- by continuously exceeding expectations.

Life is too short

Why waste time on frustrating products, and tedious processes, and poor communication when there are so many better things to do? Leave all the hard work to us, relax, and let us work on making things easier for you.

Keep on keepin' it real

No matter what, always be authentic. Talk like a person, not a piece of software. And be brave enough to accept what you don’t know, because there's always a lot to learn.

Have a dream

Do not just dream, dream BIG! Take risks and embrace the crazy places life may take you. With lots of passion, hard work, and a sprinkle of luck, anything is possible.

Always be moving forward

We always ask ourselves what could we be doing better. What can we change to make the experience even more delightful?